I'm supposed to be writing a 2-3 page story for my creative writing class, a "letter" from me to whomever from a place I've never been to. Yes, I have to write a letter in which I'm pretending to be somewhere where, in reality, I've never been before. So that should be interesting. Or stupid.

Classes seem to be going well so far, I think. Haven't really gotten very many grades back, though, so I don't really know. Last week was my first astronomy test. I think I kicked ass on it, but I won't know til Wednesday.

This week we're going to be discussing my first short story in the creative writing class. So that should be...interesting. It's strange because everyone's opinion, even the teacher's, is subjective. No one can really tell you if something is good or not. They can only tell you if they think it's good. One person can love it, another can hate it. Who's right? So, yeah, being graded on my writing is always something I've kind of despised.

We handed in our first group assignment in my Small Group Communication class last week. It was, I think, a pretty silly assignment, and my group didn't exactly tackle it with relish, y'know? I hate having my grade being dependent upon other people. I'd just much rather work by myself. Not that I can't or don't work well with others. I worked retail jobs for a decade, so I think I know how to accomplish tasks within groups. But, yeah, I just prefer working alone. That way there's no one to blame but myself.

The News Writing class has been okay so far. There are some fun people in the class, which makes the time go by quicker, and the assignments are fairly easy. This week, though, I dunno. The first half of class we're going to be walking around campus trying to find a story to write about. What goes on at UNO's campus on a Tuesday night? Beats the hell out of me. So we'll see if I have any gumshoe in me, see if I can't uncover something at least vaguely interesting.

Other than class, not much else is going on. I watched The Matador the other day. Pretty funny movie. Pierce Brosnan as kind of an anti-Bond, an assassin in the midst of a midlife crisis. Very enjoyable. And last night HBO premiered Unleashed, that 2005 Jet Li/Morgan Freeman/Bob Hoskins movie. Not bad at all. It actually had an interesting story, which shouldn't have surprised me since Luc Besson wrote it.

Today is football and working on that aforementioned "letter." Tonight are the season premieres of The Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad and one of the best shows on television, HBO's The Wire.

Tonight is also ABC's disgustingly inaccurate piece of garbage, Path to 9/11, a putrid bit of conservative propaganda that not only places all the blame for 9/11 at the feet of the Clinton administration, it does so under the auspices of "Based on the 9/11 Commission Report." The only problem is that this "docudrama" is full of lies and half truths that have been refuted by numerous experts, including those who actually wrote the 9/11 Report. The factual errors in this movie are so abundant and slanderous that ABC is opening itself up to some serious litigation should they go ahead and air it tonight and tomorrow.

I'm almost tempted to boycott Disney and ABC, but it's not like they'd actually care.

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