Perhaps it's due to my procrastination impulses, but I sure seem to have a lot of work to do in the next few weeks.

Tonight is my astronomy lab midterm, which should be relatively easy, because even if I don't know what I'm doing, it's a multiple choice test, so I'll at least have a one in four chance of getting the right answer.

I have many papers due, which I fear I might let overwhelm me if I don't get crackin' this weekend. I have an eight-page "in-depth" feature article due at the end of the semester in my news writing class. I decided to write about the Film Streams theatre again (I wrote a profile of the board director last spring), but with more of a look at the theatre itself, the planning stages, the history of the project, basically. My first interview is scheduled for tomorrow and I need to get a hold of a few other people soon, to get other perspectives on the project.

Also due in a couple weeks for the news writing class is a four-page (I think) profile of a local someone. I thought it would be interesting, given the time of year, to interview the head of the Nebraska Democratic Party, whom we had over for Rosh Hashannah dinner, along with his family, a couple weeks ago. We didn't get to discuss much in the way of politics that night, as the evening quickly devolved into a game of "How Best to Pacify the Children," with my putting in the DVD of The Incredibles winning out. Hopefully he'll be able to squeeze me in for maybe a half hour or so, which reminds me, I should email him about this...

I'm trying to recall what I have due for my creative writing class, and I don't remember. It's written down in my notebook, which is at home. In addition to whatever story I need to write, I also get to analyze, with a group, a (very) short story and we get to present our thoughts in two weeks (there are no classes next Monday or Tuesday due to fall break).

Also, the group paper for my small group communication class is due in...two weeks, as well. The paper only has to be eight to 10 pages long, which equals two pages for each member of the group, so it's not too bad. We're all supposed to have our sections done by next Wednesday, then someone will get the lucky task of fitting everything together, making sure it flows well, all that jazz. And I think we have our second test in that class in a week and a half, a week from this coming Monday, so that has to be studied for.

And I think that's all there is in the foreseeable future.

There's a small comic book convention in Kansas City the weekend before my birthday and there are two or three creators scheduled whom I wouldn't mind meeting and snagging an autograph from, mainly Ed Brubaker, whose new book, Criminal is pretty damn good.

But that weekend there's a Halloween party at...someone's house, Dawn's I guess, instead of Becky (& Jason) and TJ's, though I'm sure I'd be able to drive to and from KC in plenty of time for the party. It would just make for kind of a longish day.

I got a 92% on last week's astronomy test, which is slightly lower than the 94% I got on the first one, but I'll take it. Thankfully there was a bonus question: Without using any $1 bills, how do you get $63 using only six bills? Whoever gets it right wins, I dunno, bonus points.

I read a great comic last week, The Other Side, about Vietnam. It was written by, I guess, a cousin of the guy who wrote the book that Full Metal Jacket was adapted from. It tells the tale of two young, in-way-over-their-heads soldiers, one American, the other Vietnamise, on a collision course in the jungle. Based on the first issue (of five), it's going to be a pretty honest, brutal story about America's second most recent stupid war.

In between all the school work, I'm trying to read Jonathan Lethem's The Fortress of Solitude, which I'm really enjoying so far, being only a few chapters in. The plot is about a young boy growing up in a Brooklyn neighborhood. The story is about something entirely different.

Finally saw Walk the Line last night, on HBO. That was a really good movie. Maybe not a great movie, but a good one. I enjoyed it, which is all that really matters, right? Joaquin Phoenix was an amazing Johnny Cash. Had Philip Seymour Hoffman not so absolutely become Truman Capote last year, Phoenix would have taken home that little gold statue.

And I suppose that might be about it for today. I think y'all are all caught up. Given my workload, I'm not sure how many updates will be in my future, but given my procrasination, it's probably a safe bet to say one or two might sneak on here...

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