Welcome to October

It was 85 degrees with clear skies today, the first day of October, which is, to say the least, slightly odd. This is not typical fall weather. Or is it? With global warming, who knows? Perhaps we'll have to get used to a second season of spring after summer as well as before.

Baseball's regular season came to a close with a whimper rather than a bang for most teams. The Cardinals limped through September and only secured the division crown because Houston lost their last game of the season. I would prefer to think St. Louis won't get swept in the first round of the playoffs, but they don't have a dependable starter other than Chris Carpenter and the bullpen is a mess. Baseball is a team game and Albert Pujols can't win it all by himself. My money's on a Twins Tigers/Mets World Series. Twins Tigers in seven games.

Saw Jennie last night at a gathering at Becky (and Jason) and TJ's place. She just kind of appeared out of no where. No one knew she was in town. She and Dave are here for a funeral, so it's not as though she came to see all of us, but it was nice to say 'hi' and catch up in person for a little while. Once again, my condolances go out to Dave and his family.

Saw Megan for the first time since she's been back in Omaha, too. She's looking good, as usual. Despite her return to Omaha, I would hazard a guess and say that California definitely agreed with her. Good to have her back, though.

Ryan and Jami are in town for a couple days, too, for Yom Kippur, and an impromptu shopping trip to the Furniture Mart. It appears that they will finally be furnishing their house up in Minneapolis. I had lunch with them and Ryan's brother Daniel and Daniel's girlfriend (whose name escapes me at the moment, but she doesn't read my blog so it's okay). Always good to see them, though it's never for enough time. I might see them briefly later tonight or tomorrow after class, but they'll probably have to be on the road early tomorrow afternoon, because of work on Tuesday. I need to see about scheduling a little trip up to the Twin Cities sometime relatively soon.

I spoke with Rose for a couple hours earlier this evening. She and Robert flew out to San Francisco a few weeks back, to look for jobs and at apartments. Fortunately Rose found a job almost immediately, at UCSF, doing what she was doing here in Omaha; an apartment, however, took a little more time. But they have what sounds like a very nice place near Golden Gate Park. Robert has been back in Omaha for a little bit, but since they now have an apartment he was able to put in his two weeks and should be shipping out their furniture and himself by the middle of the month. Rose sounds like she's doing well. Still getting used to a new city, finding her way around, that sort of thing. And she doesn't know anyone yet, and without Robert there, she's understandably wary. But they'll be all nice and settled in by the end of the month. They'll do good out there, of that I'm certain.

As for myself, I'm just goin' to classes and trying to get my work done. Not much to say about any of that. Got my second astronomy test on Wednesday. I have a two-page story due Tuesday for the creative writing class. My group has an eight to 10 page paper due in two and a half weeks in my small group communications class. And that's really about it for now.

I finished reading Charles Stross' Accelerando, which is filled with some really incredible ideas about the future. Really far out there technology. The book is so dense with philosophies and ideas, I can barely wrap my head around some of it.

I think I'm going to read Neil Gaiman's new short story collection next. Reading something new by Gaiman feels like coming home again after a long time away. I've been reading his work for so long, there's a sense of familiarity about it. I can hear Neil's voice in my head, as if he were reading the story to me.

And now The Wire is on, so I'm gonna take off. If I don't get a chance to post before next weekend, don't y'all forget about the new season of Battlestar Galactica on Friday. It's gonna be awesome.

::UPDATE:: 10/07

Battlestar Galactica was beyond awesome. Holy shit.


Pierce said...

From a disheartened Braves fan, you're welcome. It was nice to stick a stake in Houston yesterday after they knocked us out the past two years.

1031 said...

It's much appreciated. The way the Cardinals have been playing, I had serious doubts as to whether they would have been able to beat the Giants in the make-up game or the Astros in the one game playoff for the division.

You realize it's been nearly a year since you've updated your blog? Unless you have a new, secret blog that you're not sharing with anyone...

Pierce said...

Yeah, I meant to post up this past weekend but I got a promotion and it's been kicking my ass up and down. There's a reason I haven't posted up - hopefully I'll hack it out and start up again soon. In the meantime, it sounds like you're doing well. I do come around and check up on ya!