Election Day

::UPDATE:: 11/07 - 11:05 PM
Thanks, America.


I'd be lying if I said I didn't care who you vote for tomorrow as long as you just vote. I do care. I care about our country and the direction in which it's been heading for the past six years.

It's gotten to the point where I almost don't recognize us anymore, as torture has somehow become acceptable and habeas corpus has been virtually torn from the Constitution. Corruption is running rampant at the highest levels of our government. We are mired in the middle of a civil war that no longer has anything to do with us, that we have no right to get in the middle of. Our soldiers and their families have sacrificed more than enough at the altar of George W. Bush's pointless, personal Crusade. It's time for them to come home.

Read Sunday's New York Times editorial. Read Rolling Stone's report on why this is the worst Congress in history, or the Think Progress blog's 109 Reasons To Dump The 109th Congress. Educate yourselves on the reality of this administration's disastrous policies, both foreign and domestic.

Three-quarters of the former residents of New Orleans still have not been able to return home. Millions of Americans are without even the most basic health care. The rich keep getting richer while the other 95% continue to struggle to get by. Kanye West was only partially correct when he said George Bush doesn't care about black people. Bush doesn't care about poor people.

If you're happy with the direction our country is heading, toward a totalitarian, authoritarian dictatorship, please, by all means, vote Republican tomorrow. If you want your Constitutional rights to continue to be systematically erased, your personal, private freedoms stripped away, be my guest, vote Republican tomorrow. I hope you can live with yourselves if you do.

Democrats aren't perfect. They don't have all the answers, nor do they claim to. But they have ideas. Some good, some not so good, but at least they welcome the debate. Rather than shutting out all opposing thought and dissenting opinion, Democrats are open to new ideas. Progressive, looking toward a brighter future rather than wallowing in the filth of the past.

Vote tomorrow. But vote Democrat. America may not be able to survive much more of George Bush's imperial presidency.


Chion said...


Boston Jen said...

does this mean YOU are voting today? because I'm not going to listen to your rants (most of which I enjoy) unless you do, dammit! :) Just a friendly reminder.

1031 said...

I actually voted last week.

Since I'm on campus on Tuesdays from about nine in the morning to after nine at night, and I didn't want to get up any earlier than I usually do, I got my ballot in the mail a couple weeks ago and dropped it off at the election office on Friday.

Hope you two got all nice and registered to vote in Maryland. :)

Anonymous said...

HELL YEAH!!!!! Democrat Victory!

the artist formerly known as Boston Jen said...

we are only half registered. I voted, but the MVA (DMV) screwed up on Dave's voter reg. so that he wasn't signed up in time- sucko!

Anonymous said...

Democrats got the Senate, too! Double democrat victory! I'm so in love with democracy right now.

Anonymous said...

We're slumping toward post-republic Athens all the same.

--The God of Hellfire