It's Autumn; I must be sick

I hate this time of year, for no other reason than I always get sick. The schizophrenic Nebraska weather always drives me nuts. Last week, what was it, Tuesday, it was 80 degrees, then down to 60 the following day, then 40 the day after, which is about where it's been for the past few days. I don't care what the temperature is as long as it's consistent, and weather here is just crazy when we go from summer to fall and winter to spring.

I have many papers due in the next few weeks, the last few weeks of class. I guess we have maybe a month left. Finals week, not that I have many finals, is the second week of December, I think. I need to get my head clear so I can write my stories and articles.

I registered for my spring classes last week. Got all the ones I was looking to get: Mass Media Ethics, Interviewing, Screenwriting and a broadcast journalism stats class. After the spring semester I'll officially be a senior, which means, what, two more semesters to go? Something like that.

My brother and his family are coming to town for Thanksgiving next week. It'll be good to see them. Last time they were in town was for my mother's birthday in June, I think. And my grandmother is flying in, too. I'm taking bets on how soon after she gets here someone mentions her moving here. Less than a day, I'm thinkin'.

I dunno much else. My brain ain't workin' all that well at the moment. Good thing I only have one class today, though I'd much rather be laying in bed. I just hope I feel better tomorrow. I don't want to go through 10+ hours of feeling this like while on campus.

Time to change the laundry! Hope everyone is feelin' better than I am today.

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