Almost done

This week has been finals week, the most harried and insane time of year for any student. Everyone's scrambling to get papers written, tests studied for, presentations prepared, while having that glassy-eyed, dazed look on their faces, because they seem to have lost track of what day it is.

Yes, finals week, what fun.

I wrote a three-page paper on Monday, a five-page paper yesterday and a four-page paper this morning, then I studied briefly for my small group communications cumulative final, went to campus and took the test, and now I'm back. There might have been some comic book purchasing going on in there, too, somewhere.

Alls I have left is my astronomy lab final tomorrow night, which, thankfully, is not cumulative and we get to write on a sheet of paper all the relevant formulas from the past however many weeks, so as long as I know which formula goes with which type of problem, I should be ok. Plus, I'm getting, like, a 95% or something like that in the class already, so I'm not too worried.

I got an 'A' in the astronomy class itself; that's the only class grades are back for so far. But I'm thinking I'll have an 'A' in the lab, too, obviously, and probably an 'A' in the fiction writing class, too. I'm going to guess a 'B' in the news writing class and either an 'A' or 'B' in the small group comm, not sure about that cause the teacher hasn't graded our presentations and papers from last week yet.

Suffice it to say, despite my late-semester lethargy (damned Seasonal Affective Disorder), I'm feeling pretty good about my grades. I just hope next semester involves less work. Less writing, at any rate. In hindsight, it may have been a mistake to take both the fiction writing and the news writing in the same semester, because, as I learned, it's sometimes difficult to switch my mindset from one type of writing to the other. Regardless, I survived, which is the most important thing, yes?

Earlier this week, or I guess it was last week, I got an email from, how do I put this, a former girlfriend, the one I went to school at Youngstown State for, that first year of college, whom I haven't spoken to in, what, eight years? That sounds about right. Needless to say, I was a bit surprised.

I think she was a bit surprised, too, both that she hit SEND and that I replied, as we had left things on a rather...not-speaking kind of note. I won't say things ended badly, necessarily, they just ended. I don't even remember the last conversation we had. I came home from that year in Ohio and we just...stopped talking to each other.

I won't say I didn't wonder about her from time to time, what she's been up to, that sort of thing, but I can't lie either and say I would have gone out of my way to find her after all these years. What's past is past, right? It's not that I bore her any ill will or that I held any sort of grudge (I try to avoid grudges these days, they're unproductive; which is not to say grudges might not be held against me by certain people, I've done enough shitty things in my life that I'm sure there must be one or two perfectly valid ones out there). I just, I dunno, I moved on.

As did she, from what she told me in her last book-length email (which I'm going to reply to just as soon as I have time, so if you're readin' this, Christine, I'm not ignoring you or anything, just been busy - yes, I know I have free time right now. I'm using it to write this blog entry so my adoring fan(s?) can follow my various exploits).

Seems that she's taken a bit of a roundabout route to get where she is today, too. Got married and had a kid somewhere in there as well. And that's great. I'm happy for her. It's weird how, after all this time, her emails still sound like her emails, y'know? Almost like no time has passed and we're both still dumb high school kids. But then, of course, you pay attention to the actual substance of the email and you're jerked back to the present.

So, yeah, it's just been a little weird, trying to concentrate on the present while being haunted by memories of the past (as opposed to memories of the future, right? And they call me a writer. Or, I call me a writer. What a dumb turn of phrase that is. I should change that).

Anyway, there's my update for the week. I'm gonna go work on my crib sheet for the astro lab test. Or maybe I'll just read comics. Decisions, decisions...

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