The "final" revision of my story for my fiction class is online. I say "final," because it's not completely done yet, but it's as done as it's gonna get before I have to turn it in in a half hour.

I imagine this story, in its entirety, will take a lot more time to write. This story I put together for class is just a few short(ish) snippets of what I'm fairly certain will end up being a much longer story. (As long as I don't get too lazy with it.)

I have a paper due tonight that I sort of haven't started on yet. I was going to write it about a topic in which I have absolutely no interest, which, of course, doesn't work for me. If I'm not writing about something I care about, I can't write. It's that simple. So I'll be scrambling a little bit in the next few hours after my fiction class. But I'm not worried. In the grand scheme of things, why stress about something so relatively insignificant?

I'm getting a sort of promotion and a tiny bit of a raise here at work. They need some help in the office, so I'm going to start working there along with sitting here in the computer lab. I think I'm going to get some hours over winter break, too, which would be awesome. I was afraid my meager income was going to dry up for a few weeks.


I'm off to class. I'll write more about my apparent Seasonal Affective Disorder later.



AliKat said...

I showed the short version to some of my friends and they loved it. I can't wait to read the new version (it is printing now.) Some, the ones that haven't known me for that long were quite shocked. Guess I have changed a bit since then.

1031 said...

Dear lord, I've turned you into a celebrity.

Don't let it go to your head! ;)