Apparently, this morning, a car blew up on the ... third or fourth floor of the Crossroads Mall parking garage. Or caught on fire. Or something.

I wanted to take a picture of the billowing black smoke as I stood on the frozen street below, waiting for the UNO shuttle to come 'round, but it was damn cold and I sure as hell wasn't going to go digging in my backpack for my camera in negative degree weather.

It smelled pretty bad, too, all burning rubber and plastic.

They had blocked off the entrances into the garage, too, and you can be sure that some stupid people attempted to get in anyway, driving through the exit, which is clearly marked, DO NOT ENTER. Oh yes, there are some real winners out there.

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raptorpack said...

I got a story for the place that I work now (can't use the name for rep reasons). I was there and this did happen like a year and a half ago, but, still cool...

Someone forgot to secure the latch to a centrifuge and when they turned it on the lid flew open and sprayed blood everywhere...everything was contaminated not to mention everyone in the room was covered in blood...which means a lot of people under the lab shower in their skivies...