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So Super Bowl XLI is in two weeks, the Bears vs. the Colts, and I can say with absolute certainty that I don't care one bit. Out of all the possible outcomes of yesterday's conference championship games, the only one that would have given me a modicum of interest in the big game is if the Saints had won instead of the Bears, if only because it would have helped illuminate the still-horrible condition of the majority of New Orleans. But it was not to be. Oh well.

I'll probably watch some of the game, but not all of it. It's on a Sunday. Battlestar Galactica and Rome (both of which were awesome last night, and the new SciFi show, The Dresden Files, was pretty cool, too) take precedence.

In other football news, the Pittsburgh Steelers announced the hiring of former head coach Bill Cowher's replacement, Mike Tomlin, who will become only the sixth black head coach in the league, which I suppose is something that still requires mention, because every story I've read regarding the hire has mentioned it. You'd think we'd be past the point where the color of a guy's skin matters, but I guess not.

(And if it matters this much in the context of the NFL, just imagine how much we're going to hear about it in the next couple years as Barack Obama tries to become the first black president of the United States. As everyone knows, skin color is really the only qualification we should pay attention to when electing our public officials. Oh, and gender, too. If the candidate isn't a white male, OMG, the world might come to an end.)

I think I'm going to see Pan's Labyrinth later this afternoon (4:50 at AMC) if anyone's interested. It's a little less than two hours long, so it'll be over around 7, so I'll be home in plenty of time for the return of Heroes tonight at 8. (24 has now been relegated to download-via-BitTorrent status.)

It is, as you can maybe tell, a slow day here in the chem department office. I suppose I should be reading some of my media research book.

Pitchers and Catchers Report in less than a month!

Tim Powers is a really, really, really good writer. I just finished reading The Anubis Gates last week and now I'm working on The Last Call. I wish someone had turned me on to his work sooner. I think I have Ed Brubaker to thank for the recommendation.

I need to decide which story I have rattling around inside my skull I want to focus on for this screenwriting class I'm taking. I'm pretty sure my samurai western needs to be a comic book before it becomes a film, so that's out. The ones I'm mainly trying to decide between are the superhero drama and the crime noirish thriller. Or maybe I should just take the story I was working on last semester in the creative writing class and start turning that into a screenplay. Or I can just try to write something new, I suppose. Suggestions would be appreciated.

Okay, I'll go read my media research chapters now. Happy Monday!

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the artist formerly known as Boston Jen said...

I think you should write about the Superbowl.... because it's going to rock - who knows why you're so glum!