Much too cold

Some putz (or two) left two different comments on my Links blog, on this post, which includes a link to an article about a community near Seattle that has decided not to allow Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth to be shown in their schools due to the idiotic religion-based objections of some evangelical wacko.

The comments, however, were left anonymously, so I'm afraid I couldn't allow them, though I do recall seeing the word "fascist" as I skimmed them. I'm afraid I didn't actually read the comments all the way through, because, as I said, they were anonymous and I couldn't care less about someone's opinion if they don't have the balls to attach their name to it.

So ... the Super Bowl was last night. Pretty boring game, in my opinion, but maybe I just think that because I didn't really care who won. It was quite the sloppy game, too, which I'm sure didn't help hold my interest. Eight turnovers? In the Super Bowl? Are you kidding me?

And the commercials were no better. I can't think of a single great commercial except the Letterman one where Dave is sitting on the couch with Oprah. That was pretty funny, but probably only if you know the history between those two.

(I didn't watch the halftime show because I was playing a Playstation game with my nephew during it, so I have no thoughts or opinions on Prince's performance.)

Pitchers & catchers report in 10 days!

I'm running a fantasy baseball team with my brother-in-law this season. Let's see if I can't use this worthless baseball knowledge rattling around inside my skull to win some money, eh? I've never done fantasy baseball before, just football and hockey, so this should be interesting. I just hope I don't, you know, get so wrapped up in the team that I neglect my other responsibilities, like school. I don't think I need to worry about that, though. Since I'm not running the team by myself, I can't make unilateral decisions, so there's no reason to worry about it 24/7.

The first story on the NBC Nightly News is about the frigid temps across much of the country. I'm actually pretty okay with our teen temps here compared to, say, the subzero weather in Chicago the past few days. I think it's supposed to get up into the 20s tomorrow before it dips back into the upper teens for the rest of the week.

It's this time of year that makes me want to flee this part of the country and head back out west. I am not a fan of the cold.

I really should swing by the chiropractor's sometime this week. Ever since my insane pain last weekend, my back and neck just haven't felt right. But at least I haven't again felt the kind of pain that I felt that Saturday morning. My doctor thought it might have been a kidney stone, but, as I said to him, I would have felt that coming out, wouldn't I? And I think I'd have remembered if that sort of pain had worked its way below the belt, so to speak.

School's going well so far, as far as I know. I haven't had too many graded assignments yet, and my first test was last week, in Media Ethics. I'll find out how I did tomorrow. It was a fairly easy test except that a lot of it was essay questions. We only had an hour and 15 minutes to complete the test, so it was kind of cutting it close toward the end of the class period. My handwriting, which sucks anyway, got noticeably worse as time went by. My hand was cramping pretty good by the time I finished. But, if the instructor can read my handwriting, I should get a pretty decent grade.

And I dunno nothin' else. I feel as though I've been having a dearth of "important" or "relevant" thoughts these days. All I think about is school, really. I guess deep thinkin' can wait 'til classes are over.

Anyone have any ideas about what I should write about in my screenwriting class?

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