Under the knife

I haven't felt any pain in my back for nearly a week now. At least, not the kind of pain that I came to associate with a bloody kidney stone. Sure, I've felt the normal kind of back pain that I've grown accustomed to over the past however many years, but not the soul-crushing, cringe-inducing pain that makes one pray for death that I had been feeling.

I can't help but wonder if I pissed the damn thing out and never noticed. I mean, it's supposed to be pretty painful, right? And despite the rampant rumors, I have not been hopped up on Oxycodone for the past week. I haven't even taken one in a couple days, and the last time I took one was because of a headache. I swear, the pain went away the very day I got the prescription for the meds. I guess they really do work.

So I have a CAT scan scheduled at noon and then, if the kidney stone really is still there and simply laying low at the moment, I'll have the surgery, I dunno, sometime in the afternoon. My doctor has a similar procedure scheduled at 2-something, he said, so I can only assume I'd be after that. Which means, if I do have to have this surgery, I'm going to be at the hospital for maybe eight to 10 hours. Wheee.

Unless I croak on the operating table, I'll be back tomorrow night (if I do, indeed, have the surgery, cause if not then I'll be home probably around 1) with details. And maybe pictures. Show of hands, who wants to see a photo of my kidney?


the artist formerly known as Boston Jen said...

I do, I do!

rose said...

Me too, though they all look pretty much the same.