Weather and things

So I wake up this morning and my father says, "Y'know, a lot of schools are closed today, maybe UNO is, too," and I stifled a hearty guffaw. UNO never closes. The world could be ending, fire and lava erupting from cracks in the pavement as winged demons rend non-believers limb from limb ... and UNO would still hold classes.

The weather isn't even bad. I don't understand why people get all freaked out over a little snow. It's not like we're buried under 140 inches like upstate New York. This is the Midwest, people. It snows here. Get over it. Stop driving like my grandmother.

There were at least two accidents on Dodge this morning. One looked to be just a simple fender bender in front of Westroads, so that slowed traffic a bit, and then there must have been another one further east, because an ambulance was trying to get through after I got past 90th. I didn't see the particulars of that one, however, because I was smart enough to just hop onto Cass and take it to Crossroads, where I park my car and take a shuttle to campus from.

People just wig out in so-called bad weather and forget how to drive. There's no other explanation. The roads aren't even that bad, for cryin' out loud (though I admit they probably could've been better and I don't understand why the salt trucks and snow plows weren't out in force this morning).

In other news, I'm sitting here in the chem dept. computer lab, which doesn't always get the best cell phone service, so I just missed a call from my urologist. I called back and he's in with a patient, so hopefully when he tries to call again, my phone will actually ring (not that it rings so much as it plays the Super Mario Bros. theme song).


raptorpack said...

RAmen to no snow days at UNO. in the past 8 years I attended not one snow day. Oh, sure classes cancel, but you don't find that out til you're there. I have seen the University open late or close early due to weather conditions but never a full on cancel.

Super Mario Bros.? Dude that is so Jewish ;P

Anonymous said...

Actually, the October storm from '97 closed UNO. (The storm that took down all the trees.) I actually drove down there, noticed all the buildings were locked, and called 'em a bunch of pussies. I ended up just driving over to Mega Mart and buying the Director's Cut of Resident Evil that day.