(I'm at work, so this might be kind of rambly.)

Why does the media feel that it's ok to report on major events and plot points in comic books? Do you ever see the media, newspapers, CNN, MSNBC, etc., report the big twist in a new movie or novel? Did the media spoil the end of The Sixth Sense? So why is it ok to spoil comic book storylines that have been brewing for months?

This morning, the New York Daily News (I think; it could've been the Post) had an article about a major event in the new issue of Captain America, #25, out today. Now, both MSNBC's and CNN's websites have stories about it, too. I don't understand the notion that because the story is taking place in a comic book, it's ok to reveal the ending. You don't see that anywhere else. You're not told the ending of a movie, even in reviews. You're not told the ending of a novel or a TV show before you read or watch it. But comics, fuck comics, they're just little nothings for kids, right? So we can treat them and their readers like crap.

And why do the comic book companies leak plot points to the media or give them advance copies of certain issues? Don't you owe it to your audience that they'll get to find out what happens in the comic by reading the comic? I mean, Christ, how many people who don't read Captain America give a shit what happens to the character anyway? Why is it necessary to tell the world what happens before the people who actually care, the comic book readers, get a chance to read the comic?

I mean, if you read Captain America and you picked up a copy of the New York Daily News this morning, they just fucking ruined the comic for you. Just, what the hell, y'know?


AliKat said...

That sucks, they protect Grey's plot lines like its the Holy Grail, and if anyone spoils Harry Potter people are ready to lynch them, but comic books are fair game. What is up with that?

1031 said...

Incidentally, Harry Potter is going to die in the last book. ;)

Anonymous said...

Well, because what happens in comic books is meaningless. They killed Superman... and they brought him back. Captain America will be back again as well.


1031 said...

That is a simplistic and irrelevant argument. It's not about what happens in "comic books," it's about what happens in storylines.

And in this particular storyline, the events of Captain America #25 are of great importance and consequence, and the readers of said comic deserve the same amount of respect given to people who read novels or watch TV and movies.

They don't deserve to have their storylines spoiled by the media.

raptorpack said...

The reason it was leaked is simply because the name "Captian America"

Since something very important happens to Captian America, Americans may feel down about America in general. I saw some of these reports. Major spoilers all throughout. Since the most of the media is out "for Americans" they must latch on to anything that could affect them. To be honest I think they expected much worse things to happen than angry comic books fans that are angry the comic book was spoiled on national news....I think they were hoping for like a riot or something.