To-Do List (Updated)

  • Create a PowerPoint presentation about the case study I was assigned to present for my Media Ethics class.

  • Begin a paper about the case study, to be handed in a week after I give the PowerPoint presentation.

  • Decide on a topic to research for my Media Research class.

  • Prepare a "persuasive" interview situation to act out for my Interviewing class.

  • Write more of my script for my Screenwriting class.

  • Apply for summer internships at various media companies, preferably not in Omaha.

  • Find a UNO student to interview about one of four topics for my Interviewing class.

  • Create a survey interview based on the answers received from the above journalistic interview.

  • Finish Buffy season 6.

  • Start Buffy season 7.

  • Stop writing this blog entry and continue working on PowerPoint presentation.

  • Start research for, and writing of, the Media Research paper.

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