Long time, no see

So ... what's new with you?

Things have been kind of hectic the past couple weeks, hence the severe lack of posts. The semester has been winding down and I've been fighting some kinda cold or something. I haven't been feeling the best, and it's difficult to concentrate on school work when your head's all fuzzy, let alone writing babbling blogs.

I have a take-home final due Tuesday in my media ethics class, and then an in-class final on Thursday in Interviewing. And that's it. That's the list. The semester will be nothing but a not-so-pleasant memory.

I don't know what it's been these past few months, but I've really been out of it. I think maybe it was all the medical stuff back in February. All the tests and the time spent in the hospital, it really threw me off my game. I never got really comfortable in my classes, even though I think I've done fairly well in them, well enough for A's or B's, but I've felt like I've been walking around in something of a daze.

I dunno. Maybe I just need a break, to get out of Omaha for a little while before the home stretch. I should only have two semesters of school left, Fall 2007 and Spring 2008, with graduation next May. Since I came back to Omaha, I've been going to school pretty much nonstop, including Summer classes, and I fear that I've become burnt out.

I'm going to see Social Distortion at Sokol Tuesday night, and then next weekend is Spider-Man 3 and Free Comic Book Day, and maybe a quick jaunt down to Kansas City on Sunday for a small comic book convention (Jim Lee's gonna be there!). And then I've given myself a week to get organized around the house before heading out to L.A. for my internship.

I'm planning on leaving the day after Mother's Day. Figure I'll take my time, crash for a night in Denver with my brother and his family, as I make my way out west. I've done this drive a couple times before, so I know what to expect, and if I can do it again in three days, cool, and if it takes me longer, that's fine, too. I'm in no particular hurry. I'm not expected at the office until the 21st, so I have a week to just kinda chill and enjoy the drive.

And speaking of driving, Fox already canceled the great new show, Drive, after, what, three weeks? Fox does nothing but piss me off, and it's got to piss off the show's producer, Tim Minear, too. Fox keeps shitcanning his shows. Firefly, Wonderfalls, The Inside and now Drive. (Angel was on the WB, right?) That's got to get pretty annoying after a while.

They say it's all about ratings, which equal advertising dollars, but they always seem to forget a little show called The X-Files, which started off with crappy ratings on Friday nights on Fox before becoming a cultural touchstone and a Top 10-rated show for the majority of its run. Networks need to remember this and to realize that these serialized shows need some time to gain an audience. Three weeks simply isn't enough time.

But I digress.

The Cards and Cubs are about to get under way, so I'm gonna watch me some baseball. Then maybe I'll work on that take-home final.



Jennie said...

Hooray! You're alive!

raptorpack said...

Sorry, this isn't for post. It is the only way I can email you while at work (google mail is banned on these computers) Anyway, what is Chion Wolf's blog address again. Go ahead email me through gmail or blogger post. I'll get it eventually. If she doesn't want her address posted thats cool; then just for my own records.

Oh, I would have emailed you later but this way it is fresh in my head.

And dude, I didn't know you had suicide girls on your blog...you a member or know someone on there?

Yeah, I'm jazzed on caffine, how could you tell ;P