Perfect Stranger

Alissa had a free pass to Thursday night's sneak peek of this new Halle Berry/Bruce Willis flick, which opens next Friday, I believe. Based on the trailers I'd seen, it didn't strike me as a movie I'd care to pay to see in the theatre, but for free? Sure, I'll check out almost any movie if it's free.

For the most part, it was a pretty good film. I was really into it, didn't check my watch to see what time it was throughout the entire movie, right up until the last five minutes or so. They totally lost me with the ending. They were doing so good, and then, complete meh.

I won't say too much about the plot other than it's a fairly involved and complex murder mystery that, even if you completely pay attention to it for the whole thing, you'll still scratch your head at the end. Because it's just so bogus, completely out of no where and unbelievable.

Since it was a free movie, it was certainly a fine way to spend a couple hours. I am, however, quite glad that I didn't have to shell out any cash to see it. (It was even Alissa's turn to buy dinner, so I made out pretty well tonight, all things considered.)

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