Day 1 @ Boom!

Orientation day, I guess. Met the guy I've been talking to the past few weeks, Cody. Seems like a good guy. He's fairly new to the company, too. Just moved out here from Chicago about four or five months ago. He's sort of a jack-of-all-trades at Boom! I'm still learning the ropes, learning how the business operates, so I'm still not entirely certain of what he does.

The publisher, Ross Richie, also seems like a good guy. Very funny, good sense of humor, and definitely knows his way around both the comic and film industries. The company is sort of in a transition phase right now, and my first duties today included helping move supplies and equipment from the old offices to the new offices down the hall. All this moving around left me with no where to work, really, so I was sitting in Ross' office, across the desk from him while he and I worked, so I got a quick peek at how he does his job, talking with writers and producers.

For my part today, aside from the manual labor, I put together comics for Web orders from the past couple of weeks. I'll work on getting them in the mail tomorrow, I think, and putting together the orders that came in over the weekend. It's just grunt work right now, but this is the kind of stuff I was expecting right off the bat. I'm sure I'll be learning more of the ins and outs as the weeks go by.

Going back to that transition phase I mentioned earlier, within the next couple weeks the company will probably be moving again. I might hold off on taking pictures of the office until we get to more permanent digs. Where we are right now isn't very special, just an office, y'know?

This company, Ross Richie himself, he and his partner, writer Andy Cosby, have their fingers in all the things I really enjoy: comics, films, TV. Richie just strikes me as a very creative individual. He wants nothing more than to facilitate the production of cool stories, whether in comic book form or film or whatever. He gets together writers and artists and producers and gets stories told. I can already tell that this is going to be a great environment to be around.

I'll have more tomorrow, though I'm thinking it'll be more of the same for a little while, at least until we get into our permanent offices.

Hope all y'all are doin' well.


Chip said...

Glad you had a good first day. Ross and Cody are great guys. Hope you have fun.

Chip Mosher
In Stores Now...from Boom! Studios

Blarneyman said...

Fantastic. I really appreciate you blogging these stories as I get to learn from you.