Los Angeles Is Burning

I'm here. I'm exhausted. Pictures and details tomorrow. Right now all you get is today's playlist:

Green Day - Dookie, Nimrod, American Idiot

Kay Hanley - Cherry Marmalade

Hera - Don't Play This

Garbage - Garbage, Version 2.0, beautifulgarbage, Bleed Like Me

Bad Religion - The Gray Race, The Empire Strikes First (the album from which this blog title came from)


johnny said...

I love Bad Religion. I never knew you were into old school punk...social d, bad religion...suffer is my favorite album...I was actually trying to find it awhile ago, but no one carries it anymore, probably because a. it's kinda old, and 2. BR isn't very popular these days. A band that positively promotes political activism and that has intelligent thought provoking lyrics has no place in the whiny, depressing, poor me atmosphere of current alternative popular music.
Greg Graffin is one of the best lyricists I can think of. And does'nt he have like a bazillion degrees? one smart dude.

kristieh said...

california rules