One Week Later

Rather than eating, drinking and being merry on Monday (and having hangovers at work on Tuesday), Sarah and Josh kind of hosted a Memorial Day BBQ yesterday instead. I got to meet and hang out with most of their neighbors and some of their friends (some of whom are very cute and very tattooed and very attached to their boyfriends). The pictures are, of course, on Flickr, and the cameraphone videos of Dancin' Sarah are on YouTube.

As you can see, there was much fun to be had. Josh had moved his turntables out back, so he was DJing for a few hours, and people just sat around and talked and ate and drank. Good times in the cool, clear L.A. evening. Definitely a great way to end the work week, too.

I need to fill out and send in to my instructor at UNO this form about the internship, what my duties are, things of that nature, and I'm still sort of unclear as to what I'm going to be doing for most of my time here. I mean, I know I'll be taking care of, like, the Web orders and sending out review copies of the company's books, which is fine. I knew I'd be doing a lot of grunt work, but I'm still hopeful to learn more about the industry itself, and the editorial side of things, which might be difficult, I understand, because the editors and creators are sort of spread out around the world. Artists live in South America, an editor is in Massachusetts. With a small company like this, and the advent of the Internets, people simply don't need to be in the same place anymore for this kind of work.

So, yeah, I dunno. I'm hopeful that the company will find a new office soon, so that we can be less on top of one another, with room to organize the boxes upon boxes of comic books that seem to litter every part of our little corner of the floor we're on. And I'm sure, as nice a guy as he is, that Ross wouldn't mind having an office to himself again. We've been sharing a desk and an internet connection, and it would probably make things just a little easier if we weren't, if we had our own space in which to work.

There is some very cool news regarding the editorial direction of the company that won't be announced for a little while, but I hope it happens before the San Diego Comic-Con, because I'm thinking I might be heading back toward Omaha (with a slight detour to visit Rose and Johnny in San Francisco) shortly after that convention, and I'd really love to pick a few certain peoples' brains before I'm done here. San Diego is the last weekend in July, and I have an appointment with my dentist on August 15th (goodbye, Wisdom Teeth!), and classes start on the 27th, so I'm thinking I'm going to want a little bit of time to unwind and decompress before getting back into the swing of school again.

Josh's brother Taggert (probably not spelled right) is in town for the weekend. He's in the Marines, nearly done with his classes and training at nearby(ish) Twentynine Palms. He's training to be an air traffic controller, I believe. Very nice guy, very much like his brother. They have a lot of similarities despite being seven years apart in age. I'm trying to enlighten him to the ways of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. He seems receptive.

Tomorrow is Memorial Day. Ross is going to be getting some work done at the office, and I'm trying to decide if I want to go in or not. I'm not sure what I'd get done, probably a lot of the packaging of comics to be mailed, which does need to be done. Ross said he doesn't really care one way or the other, if I come in or not, so I'm sitting here wondering. I mean, it's probably not like I'm going to have much of anything else to do tomorrow except catch up on my reading and movie-watching, which I would like to do. I'm gonna try to get some of that done today, too. Sarah, Josh and his brother are probably going to the beach, so I think I'm gonna hang around here and relax, read some Yiddish Policemen's Union and watch a some movies. I need to watch last week's Sopranos still, too.

Anyway, maybe I'll do a half day tomorrow.

What else has been goin' on ... not much, really. We went to Amoeba yesterday. I found the 3-disc Director's Cut edition of Hellboy for only $25, which is a really good price.

I've used half a tank of gas in one week of driving to and from the office in Century City (and some ancillary driving), a mere seven miles away. One-hundred miles on half a tank of gas. Not exactly the best fuel efficiency there. Still, gas prices aren't as high as I originally feared, which is not to say they're not high, just not much higher than the rest of the country. I saw gas yesterday for $3.31, which I can't imagine being too much higher than, say, Omaha.

And speaking of Omaha, I guess my brother and his family, and my grandmother are in town this weekend to celebrate my two nephews' birthdays, which are only, what, three days apart. I can't say I'm missing the craziness. Sure, it's great when everyone gets together like that, for a little while, but sooner rather than later the insanity of all the kids (and Grandma) starts to really get to you, and there's really no where to get away from it.

So I hope they're all having a wonderful time, and I'm sure I'll get to experience the fun in November when Bill and the kids probably come back for Thanksgiving. Until then, I'm going to enjoy the peace and quiet of Melrose Ave.

What else ... I think that might be about it. I'm gonna go hop in the shower real quick, I think, before I start readin'. Don't forget to check out pictures from yesterday, and the short videos of Dancin' Sarah.

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Anonymous said...

Ha Ha, that video is hilarious, you can see on the last of the series that Sarah caught on that she was being taped, she got all silly and started making faces, that was pretty good!