Social D

Great fuckin' concert. Everything I'd hoped it would be and more, except for no "Story of My Life," but I can live with that.

Hard to believe Social Distortion has been kicking ass for about as long as I've been alive. The band formed in late 1978. Fans at the show ranged in age from teens to people in their mid-to-upper 40s. I even saw a little kid, like, 8 or 10 years old. It was really cool to see all the different types of people who dig Social D's music, which varies wildly from song to song, too.

They have their fast-paced punk rock, of course, but then they slow it down some with some covers of old country songs and some blues. There's rockabilly and honky-tonk. They cover just about everything, y'know? And it all sounds great. Lead singer Mike Ness just has one of those voices that fits a lot of different kinds of music.

And, to my utter delight, they closed the show with their cover of Johnny Cash's great "Ring of Fire." Of course, for all I know, they might close every concert with that song, but this was my first time seeing them, so I was pretty pumped. I love Cash's version of the song, don't get me wrong, but somehow it feels more alive, more visceral when Social Distortion plays it.

Like I said, I'm a bit bummed they didn't do "Story of My Life," but they did "Prison Bound," "Bad Luck" and "Mommy's Little Monster," and the aforementioned "Ring of Fire," so I can't really complain. They also played a great new song, "Far Behind," which is going to be available for the first time on their Greatest Hits album when that comes out in a couple months.

I have now seen live, in-person performances of all the bands I've needed to see. Social D completed my set: Bad Religion, Pearl Jam, Social Distortion. The only band left that I really want to see (as opposed to need) is, well, any one of Damon Albarn's bands, I guess. Blur, Gorillaz or The Good, the Bad & the Queen. I've seen everyone else: Dropkick Murphys, NIN, Tool, Stone Temple Pilots, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Soundgarden, pre-suckage Metallica ... I'd kill to see the reunited Rage Against the Machine, though. I guess they're doing a small handful of post-Coachella shows (one is in San Bernardino, which is about an hour inland from L.A., on August 11 - that would be worth hanging around Cali for), but I have my fingers crossed about a new album and a big, nationwide tour. You cross your fingers, too, and maybe it'll happen.

Oy, my ears are ringing. I always forget to buy earplugs before I go to a show, probably because I go to so few these days. My next concert will be ... something in L.A., maybe? If not, who knows? Maybe a cool tour will role through town in the fall.

Anyway. Bedtime.

Oh, and Monday night's episode of Heroes: fuckin' awesome.


Anonymous said...

Amen to Heroes. And amen to internet video, since I always forget to watch it Mondays due to their "stop-and-start" schedule.


Nick W. said...

Whatever happened to Colleen??

1031 said...

That is a wonderful question. Perhaps you can ask her if you can find her.

johnny said...

Social D used to be one my favorite bands back in the day...Did they sound diffrent with the new guitarist?

1031 said...

Well, I never saw them live with the previous guitarist, so that's kind of hard to say.

Their 2004 album did sound different than their older albums, though, which I'd think would be expected since it had been over a decade since "White Light, White Heat."

The newest album is a little more mellow, I guess, which could be because of the new guitarist or just because that's the space Ness was in in his head, y'know?