Makeshift Patriot

The concert was pretty cool last night. If nothing else, it was free, right?

The Henry Fonda theatre, since renamed the Music Box, I guess, is a really nice theatre. One of the nicest, cleanest I've ever seen a show at. They had freakin' bathroom attendants. You know, the guy who hands you a towel after you've washed your hands. They even had a little table set up with mints and candy and shit. Very surreal to see all that a concert in general, let alone a hip-hop show.

The first performer was this bald guy whose name I never got, who did some spoken word-type stuff for about 15 minutes, backed up at different times by a violinist, a pianist and two people doing some vocal percussion stuff, beats and rhythms with nothing but their mouths.

Up next was a producer/rapper named Alias. I guess he works with Sage Francis a lot, and so he did his own thing for about 20 minutes. He was all right. Truth be told, it was difficult to understand what most of them were saying, because of all the bass, but his beats were good.

Buck 65, a rapper from Nova Scotia, followed with a 45-minute set. He was funny. He had some good shtick between his songs. He kind of has this lower, not-quite-twangy voice. As my co-worker, Cody, said, he kind of sounds like a rapping Tom Waits.

And then Sage Francis bounded out on stage. A white guy from Providence, Rhode Island. He had a lot of energy and there was a lot of interaction with the crowd. He performed "Makeshift Patriot," which was really the only song of his I knew before last night, prefacing it with a joke:

Knock knock.

Who's there?


9/11 who?

I thought you said you'd never forget.

We took off shortly after that song. Cody and I were both pretty wiped out from work. I spent the majority of yesterday finding two copies of nearly every book Boom! has ever published, then packaging and mailing them to a certain someone whose name I cannot mention. Suffice it to say, it was very important to get those books shipped ASAP.

A pretty big deal was closed yesterday, which put the boss in a practically giddy mood. Things seem to be slowly, yet surely, falling into place for Boom!, which is very cool and fairly exciting. I get the feeling that the San Diego con will see many fanboy drool-inducing announcements.

No idea what's on tap for today. Lots of laying around and relaxing, I assume. Maybe I'll swing by a comic book store and check out what's come out in the past month, not that I'm in any position to be buying anything right now. I've been in contact with the head of the chem dept. back at UNO, trying to work out a work schedule for the upcoming Fall semester. They currently don't have an "administrative assistant" (i.e. secretary), so there isn't anyone to really coordinate with. Hopefully there will be by the time I get back to Omaha in August.

All right, I'm outta here. I should probably call my grandmother. Today's her birthday. 89 years old and moving to Omaha in a couple months. Oy.

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Jennie said...

I think it's an LA thing. Or an LA/NYC thing. They like their bathroom attendants.