Movin' on up

The boss is away to Toronto for the weekend, for a comic convention. In addition to the usual Web orders, I spent the past couple days putting together boxes of comics for him to take. Who knew 200 comic books could weigh so much?

I finally snapped a few pictures of my work environment. One word: boxes. Lots and lots of boxes. I'll try to get a better picture of the office tomorrow.

I'm moving up in the company. I must be. I'm probably getting an intern of my own soon. The boss wants another pair of hands around the office, and I can't blame him. There's a lot of work to be done, but the real question is, where are we gonna put these other hands? There simply isn't enough room. There's barely room for the three of us. But I guess we'll make it work. The guy who we're looking at, he only wants to work a few days a week, in the afternoons, which would probably work out all right. There are less people around the office as the day wears on.

I finally have a constant internet connection at work, too. We got wi-fi set up, so now I can do a lot more than simply fill Web orders. I'll probably start proofing .pdf files of upcoming comics, and putting together .pdf files to be sent out to the printer or whomever, which is cool. More in line with what I'd rather be doing here. Like today, I proofed a paper copy of an upcoming comic. I went through and looked for mistakes in the text, glaring or otherwise. I found a few small grammatical errors, though nothing major. Except for this one sentence that just read very strangely. The word choice was off. I'm not sure if it'll get changed before the comic is printed, but it probably should be. Reading that line was like hitting a speed bump. I just stopped and had to reread it a number of times before I realized why it was bugging me so much.

As Cody said, the smaller mistakes, things like misplaced commas and missing periods, probably aren't anything that will be getting fixed before the comic is printed. Takes too much time (and time, as we all know, is money). But Cody complimented my eye for these types of mistakes. I'm nothing if not anal about my grammar. In the not-too-distant future, one hopes that there will be more time to fix these smaller errors that I'm finding. But for right now, our readers will just have to make do with a couple missing periods and clunky sentence structures.

When we were leaving the office tonight, there were some, like, construction guys, or contractors, or whatever, wandering around. They said they were supposed to remove this big wooden cabinet from the wall in the boss's office. A cabinet that contains graphic novels and has lots of action figures atop it, not to mention the flat panel computer screen. I really hope they don't go in there to take the cabinet down tonight. I fear that I'm going to go into the office in the morning and find all these little toys scattered around the already cramped and cluttered little room.

I've been pretty tired all week. I wonder if I'm getting enough sleep at night. I'm usually in bed before midnight, somewhere after 11, so I'm getting at least seven hours usually (I get up at seven in the morning). I dunno what it is. Like, right now, it's 9:30 here and I could probably fall asleep pretty quickly if I went and laid down, which I should probably do, right? Maybe I'll read a bit more of The Yiddish Policemen's Union first, though ...

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mick said...

What are some of the titles that are coming from Boom!? I would like to check them out.