Stop the presses!

Today at the office, I helped put together a news release for an upcoming project. I say "put together" instead of "write" because one of the project's writers had already put together a rough draft of the release, which is cool, seeing as how he's a professional writer and I'm ... not. I added a couple paragraphs and some new information, but the majority of the text is his. Now all I have to do is get the list of Web sites (and magazines?) that will be getting this thing from either the boss or Cody.

After that, I started looking for pull quotes from reviews to put on the back of the trade paperbacks that we'll be releasing in the fall. I have three more to find quotes for tomorrow.

And the new intern didn't show up today. No emails. No phone calls. Just didn't show up. Which is really not cool. If he couldn't make it today, or if he decided he just didn't want to be doing this, whatever the reason, that's fine, just let us know. Very unprofessional to just not show up.