I took Josh & Sarah and Cody out to dinner tonight, as a very small token of my appreciation for being so generous with, in Josh & Sarah's case, their home and their patience, and in Cody's case, with his time and his friendship. They've each helped to make this internship, and my time here in L.A. in general, that much better and more memorable.

After dinner, Cody and I met up with a friend of mine from school, Katie, who's also interning here in Los Angeles (Santa Monica, actually), at an ad agency. The three of us went to see this play, I guess you'd call it. A three-man spoken word performance about race relations called NWC, or NIGGER WETBACK CHINK. You can read about it here, and there are a couple clips up on Youtube.

The show was absolutely hysterical. I hadn't laughed so hard since I've been out here. It was Cody's idea to check it out tonight, since the show's closing next weekend when we're gonna be in San Diego. Funny thing, though, the show is going to hit Omaha in the fall, at Creighton, and I've kinda got an in to see it again.

I was wearing my Sandman T-shirts tonight and as we were getting our tickets, this guy pokes his head out the door and mentions it. Turns out that it's Steven T. Seagle, co-writer of NWC and writer of a number of great Vertigo comic books, like House of Secrets, It's a Bird... and American Virgin. He and Cody had also met previously, when Cody interned at Vertigo years ago, but neither quite remembered that until after the performance.

Steve will be down in San Diego for a few days, too, so hopefully he'll stop by the booth and say 'hi'. And he gave me one of his cards, so I can get in touch with him about that Omaha NWC show, which will be really fun. It'll be interesting to see how well the performance goes over at a Midwestern Jesuit university.

I also poked my head into Golden Apple Comics, just down the street on Melrose, early this afternoon, just to see what had come out in the past couple months, and I started talking to a couple of the clerks about San Diego, and this guy comes up to me and says he heard me talking about BOOM! Studios, and it turns out he works for the agency that represents the company I've been interning with. I tell ya, L.A. might be home to 10 million people, but it's still a damn small world.

And with that, I bid you good night.

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