The Simpsons Movie

Much, much funnier and more enjoyable than I was expecting. Why haven't the previous 10 seasons of the show been as good as the movie? Maybe it was my low expectations, but I honestly think this is the best Simpsons story in a decade.

And there was a whole lot of pathos and emotion in the movie that I wasn't expecting. There was some actual character development that the show hasn't really had recently.

I really hope Lisa's new Irish boyfriend shows up during the upcoming season. And when Homer was talking about just trying to make it through the day until he got home to Marge, that was a really great scene. Very revealing. It's been a while since we've gotten to the cores of any of these characters.

And hey, we got to see Bart's yellow, animated wang and Homer flipping a double bird. How great was that?

Much to my surprise and delight, I'm definitely giving this movie two thumbs up.

Also, in the Arclight's lobby before the movie, we saw Kevin Smith.

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