I was starting to get a little anxious. Classes start next week and my financial aid money, which I need to, you know, live on, hadn't shown up. How was I going to buy books? A parking pass? Pay my car insurance? Pay back the $300 my father loaned me so I could go to Minneapolis and get away from the house for a weekend? Buy the three months worth of comic books that Krypton has been holding for me since I went to Los Angeles in the middle of May?

Ah, but salvation was near. The check finally showed up today. I breathed a huge sigh of relief as I drove first to the bank, then to campus. And after I bought my parking pass and books, I stopped off in the chem office to fill out some paperwork and figure out my hours for the upcoming semester. I should have about 15 hours a week, split between the office and the computer lab, where I can sit and do homework in peace. And get paid $9/hour.

My father and I went to a sneak peek of The Kingdom tonight. It's about a team of FBI agents who sort of blackmail their way to Saudi Arabia so they can investigate a terrorist attack on the U.S. personnel who are stationed there, which, to me, is a wholly unbelievable premise. I don't believe for a second that a) the Saudi royal family would allow anything resembling terrorist activity to occur within their borders. They're too smart to let shit like that happen under their noses. And b) should an attack like the one depicted in this film actually happen, I find it difficult to believe that the Saudis would allow American FBI agents on the ground, let alone allow them to actively investigate a terrorist attack, regardless of whether the victims were American.

All that being said, it was an extremely enjoyable, fast-paced, well-made film. It kind of reminded me of Syriana, though the plot was less convoluted. They share similar themes, obviously, with both of them dealing with the post-9/11 world in the Middle East.

Some of the main characters weren't especially well-written, but, unfortunately, that's to be expected these days. Really, Jamie Foxx and his Saudi counterpart were the only two with anything resembling a back story. But I guess the politics and differences between American and Saudi culture were more of the point of the film.

Anyway, it was fun and entertaining, even if I didn't believe the plot was realistic. It opens in a month and wouldn't be a complete waste of your time or money. Of course, that's easy for me to say, since I saw it for free.

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