I drove home for this?

After driving through driving rain throughout all of Minnesota and parts of Iowa, I returned home at around 4 o'clock this afternoon. Within a few hours, a wicked storm was working its way across Nebraska, bringing awesome lightning and crashing thunder, 70 MPH winds and maybe a tornado or two.

I took some pictures from the front porch during the monsoon, and I've got a video on YouTube that I'll link to just as soon as it's "processed."

The storm didn't last very long, and didn't cause any damage around here. We just got wet, accompanied by a fantastic light show.

Minnesota was fun. It rained most of the weekend, so we didn't really do a whole lot outside of the house. Watched a bunch of movies, played Marvel Scene It (guess who won), and went to a really wonderful ballgame at the Metrodome on Sunday. (Click here for a few pictures.)

Twins starter Johan Santana pitched an amazing game, a gem, if you will. After the sixth inning, I wondered aloud about how many strikeouts he had, because it seemed to me that he'd struck out an awful lot of Texas Rangers to that point. Turns out he had 14 through seven innings. He prompted came out in the seventh and struck out the side, giving him 17 through eight, three shy of the major league record for strikeouts in a nine-inning game.

The crowd was going crazy during that eighth inning. Strikeout number 15 was a career best for Santana and number 16 set a new team record. Number 17 was just icing on the cake. The dome was rockin', that's for sure. We were all hoping he'd come back out in the ninth to try to tie the league record, but after a wave of his cap as he walked back to the dugout after his sublime performance in the eighth, I had a feeling he wasn't coming back out, and he didn't. Joe Nathan, the Twins closer, walked toward the mound to a chorus of boos. Not aimed at him, of course. Everyone was simply disappointed that Santana didn't come back out for three more strikeouts.

Did I mention that the Twins were only winning 1-0 thanks to a Mike Redmond home run in the early innings, and that Rangers pitcher Kevin Millwood, while not racking up the gaudy strikeout numbers that Santana was, was matching Johan in everyone other conceivable way, pitch-for-pitch. It was a pitching-lovers dream. Great defense, overpowering fastballs and deer-in-headlights freezing change-ups.

Nathan pitched himself into and out of a jam to finish off the game and preserve that 1-0 score. It was probably the best, most exciting, dramatic ballgame I've ever witnessed in person. I was certainly glad the rain fell that day, otherwise we may not have gone to the game at all.

Ryan & Jami seem to be doing really well. They're heading off to Hawaii Tuesday morning for a short vacation before Jami has to start going into work to get ready for the rapidly approaching school year. It was good to see them, to hang out and talk for an extended period of time. Usually when they come into town we only get to see each other for a few hours, if that. I'm glad I took the opportunity to drive up there for a couple days.

And tonight I finally scanned and uploaded the sketches that were done for me in San Diego. Be sure to check out Kody Chamberlain's awesome zombie samurai. The man is incredibly talented, ladies and gentlemen.

A'ight, I'm out. Be good.

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kristieh said...

really? ya'll sat in the upper deck? isn't it just a few bucks more to sit in the home run porch, my personal favorite? huh.

i'm still pretty damn envious that you got to be there. great to hear that you enjoyed it as much as you did! go Twins! Johan is hawt.

the lerchers are quality, quality peeps, too. sounds like an awesome weekend.