Oh, what a wonderful day

If you can't tell, the title of this post is meant to be slightly sarcastic.

I walk outside this morning and head to my car, which I unlock and climb inside. I turn the key and what happens? Not what's supposed to happen. Oh no. There's a "click." Followed by ... nothing. The radio turns on. I can slide the windows up and down. But will the engine start? Nope!

I didn't leave the headlights on after I got home last night. Neither the passenger nor driver's side doors were ajar, so the interior lights weren't on. I called Triple A and they sent a guy out to check on the battery, which is under warranty for another year, thankfully. Unfortunately, the alternator does not fit under the battery warranty.

About 20 minutes ago the car was towed to the service shop. I hope to hear from them within a couple hours, when they'll tell me a new alternator will cost about $200 or however much it is.

All I can say is, I'm glad this didn't happen while I was in L.A. or during the drive home. Or when I was up in Minneapolis. But c'mon, this is a shitty run of luck I've got goin' on here. Had to replace the master cylinder a couple weeks ago and now this. But hey, at least I've got my health. ::cough, cough::

This is not exactly the ending to the first week of classes I was anticipating. I was supposed to be working on campus today, for a few hours. Oh well. Before this morning, the week went pretty well. I think I'm going to enjoy these classes: News Editing, History of Mass Communication, Critical Writing and a Fiction Studio.

There's a lot of reading and writing involved in these classes, which is fine, because it seems like it's going to be stuff that I'm actually interested in. News, politics, reviews. This critical writing class, all the assignments are opinion pieces. TV reviews, movie reviews, restaurants, concerts, books, all the crap I write about on this idiot blog. As Alissa said last night, all I gotta do is give the blog URL to my teacher and tell her, "Here, grade this."

The fiction studio should be pretty fun, too. The three graded assignments are each five to 15 page stories. That's the only rule, that the stories be between five and 15 pages. That's it. I can write absolutely anything I want. I have an idea for the first story. I need to do a bit of research first, before I start writing it, but I've had the idea kicking around in my head for a few years now. Maybe it's time to finally start putting it on paper.

What else is goin' on ... my grandmother felt some chest pains last Saturday morning, perhaps coincidentally the same day she was finally going to move into her new apartment. Dad took her to the emergency care place and from there she was admitted to, I believe, Methodist Hospital, where she stayed through Tuesday morning.

They didn't find anything wrong with her. At least, nothing new. She's got a lousy heart valve, which we knew about, about which nothing can be done. She's 89. Open-heart surgery is not really a realistic option. Mom thinks it was low blood sugar.

My grandmother also seems to be losing her mind. It's only a matter of time before she really can't live by herself. Months, really, if not weeks. She couldn't remember who she was Tuesday morning, for a little while. Dad's on the phone right now telling my sister about how, during dinner last night, my grandmother thought my father was her husband. Her memories are starting to get all jumbled. She can't seem to understand or remember recent events. She has problems with her medication, unsure how to follow the directions. It's tough. And it's only gonna get more difficult.

It's good that she's here in Omaha, I think. Better here where people are more readily available to take care of her than in Pittsburgh, where she only had my cousin and his wife, who have a new baby to take care of.

Anyway. That's about all I know. I'm thinking of hosting another movie night in a couple weeks. Lemme know if you're interested. I'll email with details when I have them.

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Jennie said...

Sucks about the car - I know how you feel though, expenses always happen in a series with my car.
As for the grandmother, I don't want to overstep my boundries, but MY G-D, she can't live alone. The next time things get fuzzy she could mistake the oven for the refrigerator and light the apartment in flames. And I'm saying this with the very difficult memory of bringing my own grandparents to Omaha and slowly watching them forget who I was. The fact that she's stubborn is not a good excuse when her safety is at risk. My other grandmother in Ohio refused to move out of her condo (who most of us actually thought was doing quite well) fell one day and couldn't get up. It was not out of the ordinary to only speak with her once a day or every other day, and she was theoretically active, and so she lie stuck on the floor for 36 hours before my cousins found her after finally deciding they should go see why she wasn't answering the phone. She was hospitalized for over a week to recup and now lives in a nursing home, whereas if we would have done something before the fall she could have spent a few years in an assisted living complex with a much higher quality of living. I'm sorry for ranting but I obviously get emotional when I think about this. :( um, so yeah. that's my two cents.