Too much pie

It's been a little while since I posted my little comments reminder:

I welcome any and all comments, positive or negative, regarding absolutely anything I write on this blog; however, if there isn't a name of some kind attached to the comment, be it your real name or your Blogger name, the comment will remain unread and be discarded. If you haven't the courage to stand by your opinion and let us know who you are, your opinion means less than nothing to me.

This has been a public service announcement. We now return you to your regularly scheduled idiotic ramblings...

My grandmother took my father and I to lunch this afternoon. Well, technically, we took her, but she paid, so that was nice of her. Just had a burger and fries. But then the waitress asked if we wanted any dessert, and Dad got some peach pie, and I hemmed and hawed for a moment before ordering a slice of cherry pie, even though I was kinda full from the burger and didn't really need it.

Didn't stop me from eating most of it, though. So tasty. And now I'm payin' for it.

Today is Aussie's birthday, so Happy Birthday, Aussie! I guess a bunch of us at meeting at a bar downtown tonight, so that'll be fun. I hope I remember to bring the DVDs that I borrowed from him, like, over a year ago, with me to give back to him. He probably forget he even owned them at one point, so he'll just think they're a gift from me.

I need to write a five to 15 page story for my fiction studio by Wednesday. I'm to be "workshopped" in two and a half weeks and the instructor needs the stories two weeks ahead of time so he can get them copied. I can make copies myself and bring them next week, which would give me an extra week to work on the story (i.e. procrastinate), but no. He seemed pretty certain he needed to be the one to make the copies. So, whatever. I can bang out five pages in an evening. I just need to decide what I want to write about.

Football season is upon us once again. The Steelers open their year tomorrow against the Cleveland Browns. My brother-in-law and nephew will surely be here at noon, wearing their Steeler jerseys, for the opening kickoff. I won't bore anyone with some sort NFL season preview. Honestly, I don't care all that much anymore. I'd like the Steelers (and mine and my father's fantasy football team) to do well. That's about the extent of my enthusiasm this year, at least until the playoffs.

Brian K. Vaughan's Buffy: Season Eight arc began this week, with the sixth issue of the Dark Horse comic. We're finding out what Faith has been up to in the year and a half since Sunnydale went poof. While Whedon's initial arc was good, it had the burden of orienting us, the readers, as to what happened between the end of season seven and the beginning of this new comic series. It had some cool beats, some amazing moments that Whedon never could have accomplished on the small screen, but overall it was a little clunky. Vaughan, I think, will have a much more streamlined and organic storyline, as evidenced by his fantastic first issue.

(I'm in the middle of season three of the Angel DVDs. Halfway done with the series.)

For anyone I neglected to email, regarding movie night, my apologies. It's Saturday the 15th, around 6 or 7. Email me for more details if you're interested.


Greg said...

With how sensitive you are towards negative criticism, I think posting anonymously is probably the way to go. When you get all bent out of shape when people voice opinions that differ from yours I think that is the best option for saving relationships, while attempting to promote debate. I've seen you stop talking to people over critics towards your righting, that could help you to improve it, and also when they voice opinions towards civil matters that you voice. I think if you want to get into writing you should open yourself up to all comments signed and otherwise. If you want people to be honest I guess I'll have to start using a pen name on my comments, so the world can debate your ideas.

1031 said...

I'm sorry you think my dislike for anonymous comments means I'm "sensitive." I simply believe that people should stand by their opinions. I don't see what's so strange or "sensitive" about that.

It's cowardly to say anything, positive or negative, anonymously.

Without specific examples of my stopping talking to people, I can't comment on that statement.

And as far as my "righting" is concerned, I think I'll stick to taking my advice from people who know how to actually, you know, write.