Oh, the allergies!

Rose and Johnny's wedding is Wednesday night, Halloween. Jennie and her Dave are in town for the big event as well. Saturday night a bunch of us got together for a hayrack ride and bonfire at this farm called Shady Lanes, across the river in Iowa. My allergies have been angry at me since about halfway through the hay ride. My nose and throat have just been all kinds of itchy and scratchy. Feh.

I have pictures up on Flickr. I haven't labeled any yet, so feel free to point out people you recognize. I didn't take my real digital camera, just my phone, so the pictures didn't come out all that great. I found out that the flash on my phone is kinda crappy. It takes great pictures during the day, or indoors with plenty of light, but at night, in the dark, not so much.

I'll be taking my real camera to the wedding Wednesday, because it's a costume party and I want to be sure that I'll get good pictures of everyone. (No, I still have no idea what I'm going as. Suggestions are welcome.)

I still find myself to be somewhat lost, as far as my mental state goes. Just still stuck in this general malaise. I wish I knew how to pull myself out of it, but I don't, so I just go through the motions every day, but I feel sort of disconnected from everything and everyone. Like I'm here in body, but my mind is just ... somewhere else. Untethered. Drifting aimlessly, just out of reach of my outstretched, grasping fingers.

The fuck all of it is, I met with my adviser last week, to figure out my schedule for next semester. My last semester, assuming I can get my act together this semester before it's too late. We put together a schedule of the five classes I need, and it's doable, one would think, but I look at it and all I see is more ways for me to fuck myself over, more classes to drift through, uncaring and uncommitted.

Anyway. It's probably bedtime. Work in the morning, and I have a couple reviews to write. Restaurant and book. And I suppose I should start working on either the five to 15 page short story due Wednesday or the first draft of the 10 page research paper that's due Thursday.

Or not.

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whipping boy said...

If, by working your ass off to graduate means you'll be looking in the rear view mirror the day after graduation and seeing Omaha, what more incentive do you need.
You hate living at home, you don't like being in Omaha or the Midwest for that matter, your tired of mother and can't stand being around me very much. If that's not enough incentive, I don't know what is.