Belated (and Early)

Yesterday (Tuesday) was my father's birthday. He turned 64. It's been kind of a tough year for him. Well, a tough last few months, at any rate. Every since my grandmother moved to town in August it seems like it's been nothing but one stress-filled day after another. Regardless, I hope his birthday was slightly less painful than his recent days have been, and that things start to look a little brighter from here on out.

And hey, speaking of stress, my brother and his family will arrive in town tomorrow, for Thanksgiving. It's really the only time of year when the whole family gets together. Both my house and my sister's will, at alternating times, be filled with running, jumping and screaming children, the smells of food cooking, and the kind of idle chatter families speak to each other with.

But everyone is in relatively good health, even my grandmother, other than that whole losing her mind thing, so there really isn't anything to complain about. It's Thanksgiving after all, the time to cherish those you hold dear.

Unless you're a Native Indian. Then I imagine you curse the day the white man set foot on this continent. But hey, to each his own.

Happy (belated) birthday, Dad.

And Happy (early, in case I don't have time to blog later this week) Thanksgiving to one and all. What's everyone most thankful for?


ComicFanatic - Mick said...

Baby Girls

rose said...

My husband.

Kit10 said...

My kids and my man (most of the time)