Rose & Johnny's Wedding

Photos are up.

The wedding last night was really a lot of fun. There were lots of great costumes, the ceremony was lovely, albeit slightly different from the norm (Sandman reference!), and Rose made for a very beautiful bride. (And I guess Johnny looked good, too.)

It's always nice to spend time with friends, especially on one's birthday, so I'm especially grateful to Rose and Johnny for getting married on Halloween so that I didn't have to worry about making plans. I'm only sorry that a few friends were either out of town or not invited to the wedding, but I really appreciated the phone calls and text messages, and I'll get back to everyone this weekend.

And thanks a whole lot to Jennie for putting together my last minute costume, such as it was. I'll hopefully have the group shot of all of us Wonderland characters to post soon.

Rose's dad made for an ... interesting James Bond. Certainly one who knows enjoys more than just a martini, shaken, not stirred. He was a very proud papa, and well he should have been. And I just know that Rose's mother would have loved the whole thing, from the costumes to the vows. She would've had a great time.

I guess Rose & Johnny were heading out today, back to San Francisco, I assume, though I'm not sure. I don't know if they have a honeymoon planned right away. It would've been nice to spend some more time with them, but when you gotta go, you gotta go. I'm still hoping to get out to San Francisco soon, either over winter break or after I graduate.

I hope everyone had a great Halloween, and had as much fun as I did.


raptorpack said...

They went home for like a few hours to catch a couple of Z's and then a plane to Hawaii for their honeymoon.

Kit10 said...

Great photo's! But didn't know it was your b-day so happy belated from us.

rose said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed yourself. The costume was great, and thank you for the complement! And yes, my father is something else...