One and done

I finished my final assignment of 2007 a few hours ago, a short story that I'm not especially pleased with, but it gets the job done. It took a couple twists and turns that I wasn't expecting while I was writing it and it really does deserve to be longer than what I'm turning in. I might go back to it next semester (my last semester!) if my writing instructor doesn't mind us working on previously-written stories.

In the grades department, only two of my four teachers have posted final grades so far: I got a B+ in News Editing (which wasn't so much a class about editing as it was an examination of the editorial practices of American media, newspapers in particular) and an A in History of Mass Communication. I'm fairly certain I'll be getting an A in my Critical Writing class, whenever my teacher decides to post grades. So that leaves my fiction studio, in which I'm expecting to receive at least a B. I probably won't know about that class until sometime next week.

It's a little scary, the thought that I only have one semester (five classes) left before I graduate. There's a deadline for applying for one's degree, the middle of March, I think. After that, it's the home stretch for the final month and a half.

I'm gonna need to get a fuckin' job, aren't I? Start one of them, what do you call 'em? Oh yeah, careers. Anyone know any comic book or production companies that will be hiring in the next six months? (The West Coast is the preferred destination.)

One more semester ... boggles the mind, doesn't it? I know it does mine.

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raptorpack said...

Now you know why I rushed to Korea to teach. I was freaked that i needed a job right out of college and I couldn't do food service or labor anymore...Just a nice mix of emotions all squeezed into a thimble 3 sizes too small.