Huge win tonight in South Carolina for Barack Obama. Seventy-five percent more people voted in this year's primary than the one in 2004. Nearly 300,000 people voted for Obama, which is 10,000 more people than even voted in 2004. Big, big win. Obama had a great speech, as he usually does. Watching him tonight, I got the very distinct impression that I was looking at the future president of the United States. Caroline Kennedy, daughter of John, niece of Bobby and Ted, certainly thinks so.

John Edwards posted a pretty strong third place finish, with nearly 20 percent of the vote, a lot more than anyone thought he was going to get at the beginning of the week. So when Edwards has to eventually withdraw from the race, I'm thinking he'll throw his support behind Obama, which would increase by a fairly substantial margin his lead over Clinton.

I think "Obama/Edwards '08" has a very nice ring to it, and it will sound even sweeter come November.

::EDIT 1/28/08::

Speaking of Teddy Kennedy, looks like he's an Obama fan, too.


Kit10 said...

Yeah he's doing well, but haven't you heard that he will be inagurated with the Koran, will refuse to salute the flag, and is really a Muslim??? Okay - I'd don't know where the heck people come up with this BS. I've recieved 3 different email stating these "facts". People are dumb is my conclusion. They need to go check out his myspace or website and get A CLUE. Okay, rant over - have a good day.

1031 said...

I really wouldn't even care if Obama were to be inaugurated using the Koran (he could use a copy of Green Eggs & Ham for all I care) or if he's Muslim. And people that would have a problem with that, they need to wake up and smell the 21st century.

As far as saluting the flag goes, I've never felt comfortable doing that. Always seemed a little too nationalistic to me.

Kit10 said...

Maybe 1 fish, 2 fish, red fish, blue fish (has a nice partisan ring to it) plus then maybe they will learn how to do basic math.
It's just the amount of ignorance out there - yet we let them vote.
Oh well, better this way then deal with a dictator.