Beware the Ides, whatever that means

Spring break is next week. It should serve as a nice, quiet respite before the last month and a half of classes kicks in. Like I said before, I think I'm doing fairly well in all my classes thus far. And after this semester, I'll just have two summer classes to go and I'll be all done. Of course, I won't believe it 'til I see it. I've learned over the years not to count my chickens before they've hatched.

I had been planning on going to Chicago over break, to visit some friends, but that kind of fell through. I'm slightly broke and with gas prices where they are, it's really tough to justify the drive right now. I just had some work done on the car this week, too, which further depleted my already meager funds, so, yeah, I'll just have to try to make it out there later in the year. Between semesters, maybe.

As it stands, since I'm going to be around the house during break, I'll probably just get a little work done for classes, in between finishing up watching Babylon 5, and various other TV shows and movies. I've got a lot of reading I want to get done, so I should probably get started. My "to read" pile keeps growing and growing. I've got to finish Raymond Chandler's The Long Goodbye and then I'm going to start Philip Pullman's Golden Compass, the first in the His Dark Materials trilogy. Never saw the movie. Don't wanna see the movie. Not until I've read the book, at least. So, yeah, I think I'll get to work on all that.

Today is the birthday of someone who used to be a really good friend, someone I haven't spoken with in a few years, not since I fled CA and came back to Omaha. I acted pretty badly toward her before I left. I feel like I used her, and I know I did. Use her, that is. I think I knew it at the time, too, but I couldn't stop myself. I wasn't in the best place, mentally and emotionally, back then, and for a short while after I came home, which is no excuse and I don't offer it up as one. A reason, maybe, but not an excuse. It's something that's been grating on me ever since I started putting myself back together, as well it should have. For a while, anyway. I thought about trying to get in touch with her when I went back to San Francisco a couple weeks ago, but that's all I did, think about it. I don't know if she still has the same phone number or email address, and I'm not sure what I'd have said anyway. "I'm sorry," I guess. I'm not sure what else there would have been to say. Except today, when I'd say, "Happy Birthday."

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