The end?

I'm thinking of shutting down the blog. As I'm sure the one or two people who actually read it are aware, it's not like I write very much these days. I've been feeling rather unfocused lately, and I don't think I have anything to write about. (Not that that stopped me before - cue rimshot.)

I've been focusing on school and only school since I came back to Omaha and that's a pretty boring topic, believe me. I haven't seen any new movies for a while. I've been reading, I suppose, but I've never really written much about the books I read. What there is to say about our Fuck-Up-in-Chief and his miserable quagmire in Iraq is being said more often and more eloquently on other blogs. Same goes for the inane, endless election season.

(Quick aside. Hillary needs to realize she's done. People need to tell her. The media need to tell her. There is absolutely no way she can overtake Obama in either the popular vote or the pledged delegates. It's mathematically impossible. So she needs to pack it in. And the media really need to stop focusing on Obama's pastor and find something, you know, important to discuss, like John McCain's apparent senility, not to mention his willingness to allow hundreds, maybe thousands, more American soldiers to die in the wasteland we created in the Middle East. John McCain is not some great, mythic war hero. His entire campaign is based on the fact that he didn't die in a North Vietnamese POW camp. John McCain is a sad old man who is completely out of touch with the reality of modern warfare, to say nothing of his utter disregard for who is actually fighting whom, and why, in the Middle East. He is a sham. He is a befuddled, war-mongering fool who doesn't understand war. He doesn't understand economics. He doesn't know the difference between a Sunni and a Shi'ite, for crying out loud. He wouldn't vote against water boarding, which is, hello, torture! He is a wrinkled, geriatric Muppet for the Right-wing fear-mongering NeoCons, nothing more, and it's time the media realized it.)

Huh ... maybe I do have something to write about, after all. Ah, but it'll get old after a while. The truth is, when it comes to politics, religion, race, you're either preaching to the choir or talking to a brick wall. There's no changing people's minds, especially not in today's environment. People seek out opinions that are similar to their own and ignore and denigrate anyone who disagrees with them. That's the landscape the Right-wing talking heads have sown. And until we all start thinking for ourselves and talking to one another as adults (see "The Speech"), that's the way it's going to remain.

I'm gonna sign off now, before I start railing against the absurdity of religion. Today is Easter, after all. Enjoy your faerie tales, folks. Some of us live in the really real world.


kristieh said...

don't quit. take a break, maybe, but don't quit. you write good. you have good thoughts. you explain them good. don't quit.

ComicFanatic - Mick said...

I have to agree with kristieh. I'm very sad that I decided to delete a ton of my entries. I wish I had them back now. If you need to stop for awhile than stop, but leave your blog intact.

Jennie said...

see, now at least THREE people read your blog. I agree with all above - I would be sad to see you go. I think you do have PLENTY to say, and many of us have learned new things or looked at the world in a different way because of things said here... but that's just me, I suppose!

Chion Wolf said...

yeah, don't quit! Leave it like an old fuck buddy that you can always count on.

thanks for the migrane love. you know i'd share my hydrocodone if i could.

Kit10 said...

Okay make that five people. I enjoy reading it. Plus - it's about the only way I seem to keep in touch with a number of people. I don't necessarily think that other people reading it should be a requirement for posting anyway, sometimes it's just nice to get things out there.

Blarney said...

Do NOT get rid of the blog. It is a testament to your intelligence and skill as a writer. The internet would feel colder and lonelier if you stop contributing to it. For christ sake you write better than I do. Don't quit. I won't allow it.