It's been kinda busy here since I got home from San Francisco, so my apologies for the lack of posts. I was sick for the week after I got home and I lost a couple days of classes and schoolwork. Been trying to play catch up in the last couple weeks leading up to next week's spring break. My midterms were yesterday and today. I think I did all right. Maybe not wonderful, but I'm sure I got solid B's on both exams and I can live with that.

A couple weeks ago, one of my professors asked me if I'd care to participate in a luncheon for visiting Japanese journalists. The journalists have been traveling across the country as part of this East-West exchange program, stopping in Washington and New York before making their way here, and then they're on to Phoenix tomorrow before heading back to Japan. Anyway, the lunch was this afternoon, and it was fun and interesting, though the journalists were a bit pressed for time, having other places to be right after lunch. There were more journalists than I was expecting, too. I had been hoping for more one-on-one discussions, but it was this big group of maybe fifteen journalists. In addition to myself, there was another journalism major in attendence, as well as a couple members of the UNO Democrats.

The main reason the journalists are visiting America is to learn about our electoral system and to report on the current election. As I said to Kota, the journalist I was sitting next to, our election system is pretty awful and badly in need of repair. I mean, how do you explain the concept of "superdelegates" to someone without sounding like an insane person? "Well, after the citizens cast their votes, there's this relatively small group of elected officials who can decide to ignore their constituents and just nominate whomever they wish." I mean, it's asinine when you really think about it.

Anyway, I got a couple cards and email addresses from some of the journalists. A couple spoke English pretty well, most spoke it at least a little, and we had time for a little conversation after the lunch, while everyone was packing up their gear to head off to wherever they were going next; a farm in Gretna, I think. Lucky them.

Not much else has been going on here. Just school. I'm looking forward to next week. I have a lot of reading I want to catch up on before heading into the home stretch of the semester.

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