Rash of Female Suicide Bombers Blows Up Iraq

Four women suicide bombers killed or wounded 350 people on Monday.

Do you think, like, and this is gonna sound really bad, but instead of, say, book clubs or, you know, sewing circles, Iraqi women instead get together, talk about the latest news in blowing-oneself-up-technology, share a little gossip about the hottest Martyr-of-the-Week, help each other design their bombs and the clothing they're going to wear when they go boom?

I smell sitcom. Call it, Sex and the Caliphate (y'know, instead of City).


rose said...

Sexist, my friend. Very, very sexist.

1031 said...

Perhaps, but not quite as sexist as this:

"But the overlooked advantage is that the female bombers do not even need to summon the courage male martyrs do, because a lot of them 'need' to die anyway, like if they have committed adultery or been raped. And that is where Al Qaeda has really gotten clever with its recruitment strategy: now the organization is are getting its male members to marry women, then allow other males to rape said women, which in turn 'would leave her with no choice but to end her life.'