Why journalism?

That's a question I keep asking myself lately, as day after day I read about newspapers across the country laying off employees or closing up shop altogether. In the last week alone the Seattle Post-Intelligencer has been put up for sale and the Minneapolis Star Tribune has filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy. Just last month, the two Detroit daily papers, the Detroit Free Press and the Detroit News, announced that, in order to cut costs, they were no longer offering home delivery of their papers during the week, only on Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays.

Even online magazines and news sites are laying people off, so it's not enough anymore to simply repeat the old axiom that "print journalism is dead," because this economic sinkhole Bush has left us in is a lot bigger than that. Companies can't pay advertising rates anymore, regardless of whether it's TV, radio, newspapers, magazines or the Internet. They're all cutting back, just trying to stay afloat through this recession. And companies that rely predominantly on advertising to pay the bills are getting killed because of it.

So again I posit the question, Why journalism?

Hell, it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Fingers crossed that I get into one of these grad schools I've applied to. I really need something to do for the next couple years.

::UPDATE 1/16/09::

This morning I read that the Boston Globe is laying off 50 newsroom employees.

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